Bebe Rexha has blasted a social media user who flashed her during a Live chat. 

“I am so sorry. That is disgusting. It’s nasty that he came on my Live chat and just showed us his penis,” apologized the singer after the bizarre incident occurred. 

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“I’m really sorry about that. I did not know that was gonna happen,” she continued. 

“Yo, honestly how could you come on my Live chat when there’s kids and people and showing us your f***in’ d***?”

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Turning to fans for help, the 31-year-old star said, “So if you guys know his name, can you guys please send me his name so I can make sure he will never get on Instagram ever again? Because that was disgusting. Plus, you should be ashamed of yourself ‘cause you have a small thingie.”

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She added, “So let’s just move on. That guy was crazy, sick in the head. I’m traumatized. What the hell was that? Honestly, I’m traumatized.”