“There’s no vaccine for broken legs.”

On Thursday night, “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, but in the middle of the interview, he got interrupted by a phone call.

“It was important to make this film. And I really wanted to expose the hypocrisy. Those using power to get ahead, criminality,” he was saying as his phone began to ring.

“Bono? Oh hey man, what’s up?” picking up the call. “Yeah, I’ve got AstraZeneca, Pfizer, what do you want? Yeah, Venmo is fine.”

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Reaching behind him into a fridge, Cohen grabbed what looked like COVID-19 vaccine vials.

When Kimmel asked if that was Bono the singer, the actor explained that it was actually Chaz Bono.

A few seconds later he was interrupted by another call from “Tom Cruise.”

“I thought the thetans were immune,’ Cohen told him, referencing the “Mission: Impossible” star’s Scientology beliefs.

Then came a call from “Kanye,” telling the rapper, “Yo, yo, yo, I can get you Johnson & Johnson. No, not Dakota and Don. What do you mean you only need one now? I’ve got you down for six. Oh, sorry, I hadn’t heard.”

Finally, Cohen explained that he wasn’t actually selling vaccines for the money.

“This is my Oscar campaign. Jimmy, put it this way: None of the Hollywood Foreign Press are catching COVID anytime soon,” he joked.

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Also on the show, Cohen talked about bringing back his most iconic character for the sequel “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”.

“The only time Borat existed after the first movie was on this show,” the actor revealed. “I came on once during Trump’s campaign for election where Borat was saying that Trump was a Sacha Baron Cohen character.”

He added that after first believing there was no way to do a “Borat” sequel, he went to his writers and asked, “Is there a movie we could get out in time for the election? About 15 minutes later we had an idea, three days later we’d set it up at a studio. So I thank you, but you’re not going to get a cut.”