Bebe Rexha dropped the music video for her new track “Sacrifice” Friday.

The singer donned a black leather ensemble for the sizzling clip, in which she and her vampire squad take shots and dance around in blood while tormenting a male doctor.

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Rexha sings, “Sacrifice / When it comes to me, don’t want no compromise / This should be the only body on your mind. When it comes to me, I’m down for life / So tell me, would you sacrifice?”

Credit: Warner Music
Credit: Warner Music

Rexha said of her upcoming album, which will be her first full-length since 2018’s chart-topping platinum-certified Expectations, “My sophomore album is by far the most challenging yet fulfilling project I have ever worked on. I wrote, recorded, re-wrote, re-recorded and then repeated that process in order to deliver an album that truly reflects who I am as a singer, songwriter, and most importantly as an artist.

“I want to give listeners a journey of pop paradise fused with elements of rock and hip-hop. It’s important to me that my music continues to recognize ongoing themes of vulnerability, the cycle of self-destruction & self-realization, and female empowerment.”

Rexha’s music video comes after she shut down an Instagram Live chat when a social media user unexpectedly flashed her this week.

“I’m really sorry about that. I did not know that was gonna happen,” she insisted.

“Yo, honestly how could you come on my Live chat when there’s kids and people and showing us your f***in’ d***?”