Silk Sonic have arrived!

On Friday, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak released their first single as the band Silk Sonic, titled “Leave The Door Open”, along with the announcement that a full record is on the way.

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While calling in to SiriusXM Hits 1’s “The Morning Mash Up,” the new dynamic duo shared what fans can expect from their collaborative album.

“Here’s the thing,” Mars recalled. “I’ve been saying this. The best part about this situation is that it felt like being a kid again. When I say that I mean growing up playing music, you’d lock yourself in the garage with your friend.

“Andy on the drums, me on the guitar, working out the parts, and just trying to write the best songs we possibly can. And hopefully if we like it, then the world is going to like it. But the best feeling is with this single, ‘Leave the Door Open’, that’s the best we can do. So no matter what it does, at least we know in our hearts, that’s the best we could do.”

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Along with the band’s catchy lead single, fans can also get excited for the release of their debut album An Evening with Silk Sonic, which is narrated by the legendary Bootsy Collins.

“He’s got that iconic voice. So when me and Andy put this project together said it’d be cool to have Bootsy narrate this thing and thread all these songs together,” Mars told the radio show.

“We put the setlist of doom together, and we needed somebody, a real OG, to host it and guide everything along,” added .Paak.

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All of this new music came as a shock to fans, considering Mars has laid low since the release of his award-winning album 24K Magic in November 2016.

So how exactly did Silk Sonic materialize?

“2017 is when we met. I’ve known his music, obviously. I was a fan of his, and we went on tour together on the ’24K Magic’ tour — the European run,” Mars shared.

“I saw him and his band, the Free Nationals. They were killing it every night. And we started hanging out at the — booking studio sessions when we were out in Europe in these foreign studios and started writing.”

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Check out more of Silk Sonic’s interview with “The Morning Mash Up” in the video below.