Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez may look like they’re having a blast in their new Netflix family comedy “Yes Day”, but the actress tells ET Canada filming an amusement park scene was anything but fun.

The actors play Allison and Carlos who, for one day only, say yes to letting their kids make the rules — even if that means roller-coaster rides.

“She’s super scared of roller coasters, but I love them,” Ramírez says of his co-star Garner.

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Revealing she had to ride a roller-coaster “many times”, Garner says she broke down in tears during filming.

‘”I cried during it, between takes, I got off my knees were knocking, I cried, saying, ‘Please don’t tell me we don’t have to do it again,'” she tells ET Canada. Giving her a round of applause for her bravery, Ramírez adds, “It was super scary, super scary.”

While roller-coasters might not be at the top of Garner’s list of favourite things, one thing she does love is the concept of a “yes day”. The actress has been practising the idea with her three kids: Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina.

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“I’ve been doing these for a long time, and when you have a lot of people you’re in charge of, making sure they get to school with their homework in their backpacks, and their cleats for soccer and ballet shoes and all that,” she explains. “There’s a lot of guardrails to put up that feel like a lot of ‘nos’ kind of like [the] military, so it’s good to let it go and say ‘yes’ for a day!”

“Yes Day” arrives on Netflix on March 12.