Nicolas Cage Weds Girlfriend Riko Shibata In ‘Small And Intimate’ Vegas Ceremony

Nicolas Cage has taken his 5th trip down the aisle after tying the knot with girlfriend Riko Shibata. 

The 56-year-old actor wed 26-year-old Shibata during a “very small and intimate” ceremony at the Wynn Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas on Feb 16.

In a statement shared with ET Canada Cage said, “It’s true, and we are very happy.”

The date was chosen to honour the birthday of the groom’s late father, August Coppola.

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The bride wore a handmade Japanese Bridal Kimono from Kyoto that required three layers. She walked down the aisle to her favourite song, “Winter Song”, by Kiroro.

The groom wore a Tom Ford Tuxedo.

They exchanged traditional Catholic and Shinto vows with poetry from Walt Whitman and Haiku sprinkled in.

After the wedding, the happy couple was joined for a small celebration attended by Cage’s ex-wife, Alice (who he remains very good friends with), and their son Kal.

The couple first met in Shiga, Japan over a year ago.

Cage revealed how he popped the question over FaceTime while speaking on his brother Marc Coppola’s radio show in August. 

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“She left New York and went back to Kyoto, Japan, and I went back to Nevada and I haven’t seen her for six months,” he began. “We’re really happy together and we’re really excited to spend that time together so I finally just said ”Look, I wanna marry you” and we got engaged on FaceTime.”

Cage bought Riko a black diamond engagement ring because “her favourite colour is black.”

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“So she wanted the black gold, and the black diamond,” he added. “I customized and personalized it and I actually sent it to her FedEx.”

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