A virtual appearance on “The Tonight Show” went quickly awry for Amanda Seyfried.

During her Friday-night chat with host Jimmy Fallon, the interview was just beginning when suddenly a series of loud knocks can be heard.

Seyfried’s eyes widened in shock, as she cast her gaze toward a nearby door.

“That was an intense knock,” a startled Seyfried told host Jimmy Fallon, before motioning some people through the door.

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“Sorry, I’m in a temporary home. Our dryer is broken,” she explained as a crew of people shuttled past.

“This is the funniest thing,” marvelled Fallon, while Seyfried appeared embarrassed. “You have things to do, you have things to take care of.”

“But also did you hear that knock?” declared Seyfried. “It was so aggressive!”

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Later in the interview, the conversation turned to the recent Golden Globe Awards, for which she was nominated for her role in “Mank”.

She admitted that she preferred the virtual edition to the in-person ceremony, admitting she’s not a fan of walking the red carpet.

“I could do without the red carpet hoopla because it ends up being a cluster eff, and as fun as it seems and as glamorous as it seems it’s really awkward,” she told Fallon.

“You’re being thrown and forced everywhere,” she added.