Some bad blood with a neighbour apparently led to an altercation for former NHL star Sean Avery.

The Toronto-born Avery, reported TMZ Sports, is seen in a video taken by that neighbour, identified only as Niku, as he drives.

Avery is seen jogging behind the car, which slows down and comes to a stop while behind another vehicle.

When Avery catches up to the car, he opens the driver’s side door while laughing, with the driver quickly snatching it shut. Avery stands there few a moments, still laughing, and then continues to jog away.

The driver then opens the door and yells, “Psychopath!” at Avery. This appears to set off the former New York Rangers player, who then walks in front of the vehicle.

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As the driver tries to move the car forward, Avery refuses to budge, and the car appears to bump him. Avery then leans on the hood of the car, leading the driver to honk his horn until Avery finally exits. As he walks past, Avery smacks the driver’s side mirror, causing it to dangle from the car door.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, both Niku and Avery claim the other is at fault.

According to Niku, he had a confrontation with Avery a weeks earlier after his car “unintentionally” blocked Avery’s vehicle. When he backed up to let Avery pass, Niku alleges that Avery “became aggressive,” rolling down his window and repeatedly yelling “slow down you fat f**k!”

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However, Avery tells TMZ Sports a very different story, which he relates in a different video that Avery supplied.

“Somebody in a Prius just hit me, okay,” Avery contends. “I tried to run after him to get him to stop. He tried to run me over… my leg’s a little hurt… yeah, I’m just f**king documenting this, video documenting it.”