Amy Poehler spoke with Willie Geist for “Sunday Today”, and discussed reuniting with longtime friend and former “Saturday Night Live” cast mate Tina Fey to host the 2021 Golden Globe Awards.

While this marked the fourth time the duo hosted the Globes, it was the first time they did it from different time zones, with Poehler onstage at the award show’s traditional home at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, and Fey at the Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan.

“I think it’s rare and wonderful to meet somebody who’s your friend who also works the same way that you do. Because we kind of trained at the same places and work the same way it’s so easy,” Poehler said of Fey, via People.

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“We share a very similar vocabulary — especially when you’re about to go do the Golden Globes or about to do live television for the first time or you’re trying something new it feels really good to have somebody who knows your timing [and] your rhythm.”

Finding that timing, she explained, depends on “really watching the other person,” and she admitted it was an “interesting” experience doing it remotely.

“Technology has provided a different rhythm to consume news and make art,” she said.

In another portion of the interview, Poehler discussed her all-time favourite “SNL” sketches, and admitted she’s more fascinated by the sketches that tanked than the ones that hit.

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As Poehler explained, the “SNL” research department has recordings of every single sketch ever performed, all catalogued, and “you could kind of call up any sketch. And all we would do was watch the ones that bombed.”

Added Poehler: “We would love to watch the ones that never made it pass dress [rehearsal], where there were just crickets. And we would watch and just laugh and laugh because we would remember how horrible it was an how painful it was, that was what we really enjoyed. Not really the hits.”

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