Meghan Markle got candid with Oprah about her son Archie.

The media mogul asked the Duchess of Sussex about why he doesn’t have a title, to which Meghan made shocking claims.

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“They were saying they didn’t want him to be a prince or a princess and that he wouldn’t receive security,” Meghan claimed.

“Our son needs to be safe,” she continued.

When Oprah asked why, Meghan answered, “There is no reason.”

“I am clear on who I am and the most important title I will have is ‘mom’,” Meghan said.

“The first child of this family being of colour not having this title,” Meghan said, adding they wanted to change the convention that once Prince Charles is king that Archie would still not be titled a prince, which would afford him the security.

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“In those months that I was pregnant, we had those conversations about his title, his security, and how dark skin his might be,” Meghan said.

“Who was having that conversation with you?” Oprah asked.

But Meghan wouldn’t share which members of the family said those things: “That would be very damaging.”

When Harry joined the interview, Harry said it is a conversation “I am never going to share.”

Harry did reveal that taking Archie on the back of a bike is one of the highlights of his new life, naming “hydrate” as Archie’s new favourite word and telling guests to “drive safe.”

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