Alyssa Wray absolutely blew the “American Idol” judges away with her audition Sunday.

The 18-year-old from Perryville, Kentucky, belted out a jaw-dropping rendition of “I Am Changing” by Jennifer Hudson, with her nailing all those high notes.

Lionel Richie couldn’t sit still and kept getting up off his seat in amazement as the performance got better and better.

ABC/Christopher Willard
ABC/Christopher Willard

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“I’m so happy, I am so happy,” he gushed as the song came to an end, adding that a voice like Wray’s comes “once in a generation.”

Richie asked Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, “Did you just hear what I heard?”

Bryan shared, “The most challenging thing in entertainment is to have a presence. That means door opens, crowded room, you walk in and people go ‘Who is that?'”

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Perry then touched up her makeup, telling Wray: “This moment when it goes down in history… I want to be looking my best as well.”

She added that she guessed Wray didn’t think she belonged in a small town and had huge dreams, telling the teen: “Everybody belongs, you’ve just got to find where you belong.”

“How lucky are we to finally say we knew you’d win and we had something to do with it,” Richie said.

See Wray and her mom’s adorable reaction to her nabbing a Golden Ticket to Hollywood in the clip above.