Twenty-three-year-old Beane brought some seriously good vibes to the “American Idol” auditions.

On Sunday night’s episode, the Brighton, Mass., native whose real name is Brennan Hepler went in front of the judges to perform a cover of Vulfpeck’s “Wait For The Moment”.

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Beane immediately won over the room with his exuberant performance of the song, complete with a winking reference to Katy Perry, and an amazing display of his vocal range.

Beane. Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard
Beane. Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard

“You’re the new, modern-day Mr. Rogers,” Lionel Richie told him. “You’re about as familiar as we’ve been knowing you for the last 40 years.”

But the judge also said that he’s not sure Beane would be a great fit for “American Idol”.

Luke Bryan said, “You create a little ambience that’s very infectious, and it’s really frustrating for us to tell you that you may not be American Idol.”

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Perry then interrupted, saying, “Well, hold on, I see something very special. You are a walking pocket full of sunshine. And it’s not put on. It’s literal stardust.”

When it came time to take a vote, Beane got a yes from Perry, but a no from Bryan.

“I hold my opinion on your career as Mr. Rogers,” Richie said, before surprising Beane by telling him, “I think you might want to try your hand at ‘American Idol’. It’s a yes from me.”