Toronto native Heather Russell took on quite the challenge during Sunday’s “American Idol” — she sang a Katy Perry song in front of Katy Perry.

Russell, now 20, who was signed by Simon Cowell when she was 10, belted out a unique version of Perry’s 2020 track “Harleys In Hawaii”.

However, despite all the judges insisting the singer had a fantastic voice, they gave her some constructive criticism in that she didn’t know how to use it yet.

“You’re one of the better singers that I’ve heard this year,” Bryan said, telling her to “be careful about all the tricks.”

ABC/Christopher Willard
ABC/Christopher Willard

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“I have never in my life witnessed a voice that had total control. I mean, it’s just phenomenal,” said Richie.

Perry, on the other hand, was a tad harsher. She said Russell was all frosting and no cake at the moment, but added: “You have the best voice in the world. You just gotta learn how to use it. As fun as that sounded, I felt dead inside.”

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Despite the criticism, Russell nabbed three yeses and is going to Hollywood.

“She’s got a good little voice,” Perry then said once Russell had headed out of the room. “She has no idea how to use it. Once she figures it out, it’ll be really powerful.”