Oprah Winfrey’s Sunday primetime interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Global is all the talk.

Monday on Global’s “The Talk”, the co-hosts shared their reactions to the interview, in which the royal couple opened up about their treatment by the Royal Family and the British press.

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Talking about Harry and Meghan’s claim that some members of the family made comments about how dark their son Archie’s skin colour would be before he was born, Sharon Osbourne said, “I think the palace must be really scrambling today. I think they must feel ashamed.”

She added, “The thing that really got me was the press release that the palace gave out about Harry and Meghan not wanting their son to have a title. They said he was not going to become a prince. That is his [birth]right… it’s really shameful and hurtful for that child, when he grows up, because he will look at his cousins and go what’s wrong with me.”

Sheryl Underwood said, “In Britain press it seems like they build you up to tear you down.”

“When you see these tabloids what they were doing to her, of course it was leading her to these thoughts. What the press was doing to her, it was awful!” Amanda Kloots added.

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Meanwhile, Elaine Welteroth praised Meghan for her perseverance and for talking about her treatment publicly in the interview.

“I have so much respect for Meghan and for her courage. I think the word for her is brave. I think her poise, her clarity and again her courage, to speak the truth of her experience is going to create a watershed moment for a lot of women, particularly women of colour, Black women that have experienced similar things in the workplace…. she shined a bright light on some really, dark, ugly truths,” Welteroth said.

Adding, “I’m so hurt by watching that. I think so many people were. But I’m also really glad that they didn’t shy away from the issue of racism, and the role that it plays in the way that Meghan was treated, and how Archie was treated even before he was born… The fact that the generations-long tradition can break in an instant when someone who looks different enters the system, it speaks volumes about the power of racism and how racism operates. This kind of thing happens to firsts, to people who break boundaries, who are trailblazers, who are breaking glass ceilings. We don’t talk about the cuts and bruises that come along the way… she’s breaking her silence for so many other women in the workplace.”

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