CNN’s Chris Cuomo Responds After Backlash For Saying He’s ‘Black On The Inside’

Chris Cuomo is facing criticism after saying that he’s “Black on the inside” during Friday’s “Cuomo Prime Time”. 

The host made the remark after Don Lemon asked how he knew the words to the theme song from “Good Times”. 

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“You know I’m Black on the inside,” Cuomo responded. The popular ’70s TV series was the first African American family sitcom.

Many viewers took to Twitter to call out Cuomo for the comment.

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Cuomo later addressed the remark. 

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“There is no understanding what it is to live as a Black person in America if you are white but it is so important to listen,” he wrote. “The majority must change racism.”

The controversy comes after two former aides accused the broadcaster’s brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, of sexual harassment. The New York Times also reported that a third accuser has come forward with claims against him.

“Are the Cuomo brothers competing for s***est,” Cuomo [right now]?” one person tweeted.

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