George Clooney has been taking a trip down memory lane while watching re-runs of “ER” during the pandemic.

The Academy Award-winner famously starred as ladies man Doug Ross in the medical drama series.

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While joining in on the latest instalment of the “SmartLess” podcast with Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, the actor revealed how Amal has been left less than impressed by his character’s lothario tendancies. 

“My wife is watching them now,” said the 59-year-old star, adding “and it’s getting me in a lot of trouble because I’d forgotten all of the terrible things [his character Doug Ross] was doing picking up on women.”

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Asked if Amal got starstruck after watching the show, he joked, “Yeah, that’s not my wife.”

George also recalled how he first met his wife, telling the hosts that Amal “took my breath away.”

“She was brilliant and funny and beautiful and kind,” he recalled.

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“I was sort of swept off my feet. We got engaged after a few months and got married within the first year that we met. It surprised me more than probably anybody else in the world—and everybody else was pretty surprised.”