Jesse Tyler Ferguson is flipping the script as a parent.

The former “Modern Family” star is on Tuesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and talks about welcoming his first child, son Beckett, into his family last year.

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“We’re still figuring out his personality,” Ferguson says of the eight-month-old. “It’s a new person in your life, and just like anyone new that comes into your life, you’ve gotta figure out if you like that. It takes a little time.”

DeGeneres also asked about the new dad singing to his baby with husband Justin Mikita.

“It’s a lot of show tunes because that’s what I like, so we’re raising him gay until he decides he’s straight,” the actor jokes. “On the way back from the hospital we played Britney Spears… so that was his first exposure to music.”

The host also asked about the possibility of a “Modern Family” spinoff featuring him and on-screen husband Eric Stonestreet. Ferguson responds, “That would be great. I don’t know anything official, but yeah, I think people would love it.”

He adds, “The thing is, after doing something for 11 years and ending on such a high note, do you want to go back and run the risk of maybe not doing such a good job.”

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Also on the show, Ferguson talks about his first cookbook, Food Between Friends, revealing that his husband served as a guinea pig.

“Justin got to eat a lot of the delicious things I made, but he also had to deal with the failures,” the actor says. “There was one dish I made that was just awful, and it obviously did not make it into the book, but Justin took a bite of it and the adjective he had for it was ‘Mmmm, slippery.'”