Even the great Seth Rogen has been bested by weed edibles.

Rogen dropped by “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” on Monday to promote his range of Houseplant cannabis products and accessories. The “Pineapple Express” star shared one of his unpleasant edible experiences.

“I had one experience at the Golden Globes many years ago that was pretty bad, yeah. There are times with edibles where I thought I was fine, but I was not. And that’s what’s scary about edibles… [that] you don’t even know what they are doing to you,” Rogen said. “And I was at the Globes, which is a nightmare, so I had a weed lollipop throughout the show.”

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“I thought, in my head, ‘I’m really high, but I’m keeping it together.’ Like, that was what I kept thinking in my head, like, Man, this thing is f**king me up, but at least I look and I’m acting totally normal.”

The Canadian comedian subsequently made his way to an afterparty and that is when his whole world came crashing down. Rogen ran into Bryan Cranston who immediately asked him, “Are you okay?”

“That’s an alarming question to be asked when you think you are okay,” Rogen explained. “Like, if you bump into something, and you’re hurt, and someone’s like, ‘Are you okay?’ You’re like, ‘Thank you, I’m okay.’ But when you just think you’re doing good, and someone looks at you, like, very scared and says, ‘Are you okay?’ It’ll really bring you back down to Earth.”

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“That guy’s seen some things,” Rogen remarked. “I was alarming to Walter White. I must have been f**ked up…. I turned around and left.”

Rogen, who confirmed to Kimmel that he was high on the late-night talk show, also offered his services to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“If they want weed, hit me up, now that they’re here,” he suggested. “They could use it, it seems. They got a lot of stress where they’re coming from. That’s a stressful experience.”