Patrick Schwarzenegger has revealed his unique first job.

The actor, 27, joined Jimmy Kimmel on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new movie “Moxie” and looked back at the first time he was employed as a teen.

Schwarzenegger’s initial gig was working at the Los Angeles mall The Grove in various roles, including serving as a security guard for Paris Hilton.

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“I did everything there: valet, security, property walks, lease management tours. I have this really funny story of one time… I was a security guard for the week. Meanwhile, I have my own security guards for me because my dad was governor,” Patrick recalled of his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger. The “Terminator” actor was governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

“So I’m like a 15-year-old kid with an earpiece and a suit jacket and I show up for work, and they’re like, ‘Okay, you’re security for Paris Hilton today. She’s got her book tour, she’s coming to The Grove, she’s gonna be signing autographs,'” Patrick explained. “I’m like, ‘Okay, I know Paris, but okay.'”

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Adding, “And so she gets out of the car [and] Paris has a security guard that used to work for my dad. I show up and I greet Paris and she’s like, ‘Patrick? Schwarzenegger? What are you doing?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m your security guard for the day!’ And that was it. It was a fun experience.”

“Moxie” is streaming now on Netflix.