KiKi Layne talks about defying boundaries and representing Black women and creators in Hollywood in a new interview with L’Officiel.

The actress, who earned critical acclaim for “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “The Old Guard” and is now starring in “Coming 2 America” alongside Eddie Murphy, Tracy Morgan and Leslie Jones, shares of her career: “When I had representation meetings I made it clear. ‘Y’all are not just going to send me out for the stuff that’s just for the Black girl.’ I will not accept that.

“I’ve been intentional about not being put into a box and about representing Black women and creators in Hollywood.”

Brad Torchia for L’Officiel
Brad Torchia for L’Officiel

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Layne adds of her leading role in the upcoming Disney reimagining of “Rescue Rangers”: “I imagine what that would have meant for me to see that, among all these animated characters, the one human being that’s the star looks like me.

“That’s what I push for. When I’m looking for projects, I always carry this idea of What does this represent to the little Black girl that still lives in me?”

Brad Torchia for L’Officiel
Brad Torchia for L’Officiel

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Layne goes on to talk about playing the role of Meeka in “Coming 2 America”.

“Just getting to play an African princess was already amazing,” Layne tells the mag.

“But Meeka also has so much strength and integrity. She gets to kick some a**. Just representing another strong Black woman on screen, representing Black royalty and beauty and excellence—I was so drawn to that.”