Jesse Desorcy gave it his best effort, but sadly it was not enough.

The legally blind country singer auditioned on “The Voice” this week and his performance of David Lee Murphy’s “Dust on the Bottle” lacked the pitch perfection to turn any of the four judges’ chairs.

“I have no idea what happened on that side of things,” he laughed following his performance.

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“Oh my gosh! Well, I hate that I’m the one telling you this. There aren’t any chairs turned for you,” Clarkson replied. “There were just some pitch issues, that I don’t know if would be a regular thing, or maybe you were just a little nervous.”

Shelton agreed with Clarkson’s assessment.

“Absolutely, man, no question about it. But you were singing sharp a lot,” Shelton pointed out. “Maybe you should have brought the key up a little bit. It kept me from hitting my button.”

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“I really feel like playing with a band — maybe you have one already — is probably the move, because your voice cuts so clearly through,” Nick Jonas chimed in. “I do feel like you’ve got a really unique tone.”

John Legend comforted Desorcy by telling him there was a lot of potential on that stage.

“It’s very powerful. It’s very energizing for the room. It makes people feel like a lot of passion and power is coming from you,” Legend said of the hopeful’s voice. “Just know that you have those tools to work with, and if you just control them a little bit better, you’ll be in great shape.”