The Golden Globes are in turmoil, but Time’s Up has some suggestions.

Last month, the Los Angeles Times reported the lack of diversity among members of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which puts on the annual film an TV awards show, as well as serious ethical concerns about the organization.

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Now, in a letter published by The Hollywood Reporter, Time’s Up has offered a list of recommendations to the HFPA in order to correct the problems highlighted by the report.

“The measures laid out below are the start of the real work that needs to be urgently implemented to achieve the ‘transformational change’ you have promised,” the anti-workplace discrimination organization stated.

Among the recommendations are an “immediate change in the current management and board,” as well as reforming membership criteria, expansion of membership, independent review over admission, the creation of anti-harassment, anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies, and a review of existing awards categories to elimination discriminatory criteria.

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Other recommendations include requiring members to attend filmmaker’s screenings and changing the date of the awards to move them out of the Academy Awards pre-nomination window in order to lessen influence over Oscars voting.

Later on Tuesday, the HFPA released a statement on Twitter announcing steps to transform the organization, including hiring an advisor to audit and review the associations bylaws, culture and eligibility requirements.

“We understand the importance of building a more inclusive organization and becoming more transparent in our operations,” the HFPA said. “We remain committed to fostering an environment that better reflects our core values, affords us the opportunity to continue as valuable members of the entertainment community, and restores faith, trust and confidence in our organization.”