The Rock is all about boosting self-confidence.

On Monday, to mark International Women’s Day, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to share a video with his 2-year-old daughter Tiana.

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In the adorable clip, the actor encourages his daughter to give herself the compliments she deserves.

“Can you say, ‘I’m a pretty girl?'” Johnson asked her, to which Tiana responded, “I’m a pretty girl.”

He then said, “That’s right, and even more importantly than that can you say, ‘I’m an awesome girl?'”

“Awesome girl,” Tiana said.

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Of course, Johnson had to get some love for himself in there, asking his daughter to say, “Daddy’s the best.”

Tiana repeated the line, but then shouted, “Mother!”

“No, not mother, no, you’re ruining the thing,” her dad laughed. “Just, Daddy’s the best.”