Simu Liu and the cast of “Kim’s Convenience” are still reeling from the impending cancellation of the show.

Liu, who plays Jung Kim on the award-winning sitcom, appeared on KiSS 92.5’s “The Roz & Mocha Show” to discuss the show’s end. Despite being renewed for seasons 5 and 6, “Kim’s Convenience” will be cut short with the season 5 finale on April 13.

“We were all under contract for the sixth season. We wouldn’t have been able to make financial demands if we wanted to. The contract was there,” Liu said, rejecting the theory the cast were holding out for more money. “If anything, I think those of us in the cast wanted to do more.”

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“We wanted to see if there were ways we could contribute more creatively,” he added. “I was really looking forward to directing. Initially, I was doing really positive things. It’s just a show we’ve all grown to love so much and the instinct was to lean it, not kind of fade out.”

Liu and the cast were caught off guard by the news, considering the show’s strong ratings.

“It’s a highly unusual situation because you usually have a network that decides, ‘Hey, we’ve supported this show for X number of years and the viewership just isn’t there anymore. It’s time to move on.’ That’s not what happened with our show,” he asserted.

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“Our ratings have constantly been really good,” Liu explained. “Myself and some of the other cast were really shocked and hurt to hear the news.”

Moreover, Liu says the “Kim’s Convenience” cast feel like they’re leaving fans hanging.

“We know how beloved the show is and how many lives it’s touched. It’s really hard to say goodbye right now. We feel like the fans deserved a true ending to the show, a wrap-up for the characters. It’s really heartbreaking not being able to give it to them.”