Following this week’s announcement that CBC was unexpectedly cancelling “Kim’s Convenience” after five seasons, star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (who portrayed Kim family patriarch Kim Sang-Il) is breaking his silence to address the surprise move.

In a video he shared on Instagram, the actor — wearing a baseball cap reading “BITTER” — explained he was busy filming CBC’s “Canada Reads” and was unable to respond until now.

“It’s been a hard time. I’m not gonna lie. A lot of emotions right now, from profound sadness to absolute heartbreak to feelings of immense pride.

“There’s a lot to unpack. I’m not happy with the way this all ended, this is not the way I thought this was gonna end… but I’m gonna focus on, first and foremost, the fans,” he continued, thanking viewers for watching and showing their support. “It’s meant the world.”

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Fighting back tears, he expressed his gratitude to the show’s crew before thanking the writers and producers, then telling his co-stars how much he’s going to miss working with them.

“We’re gonna be okay. Life goes on, right?” he added predicting he and the rest of the cast will be given “incredible opportunities because of this show.”

According to Lee, there’s no “easy answer” to explain the show’s cancellation, a situation he described as “complicated,” but insisted that he’s “not gonna get into any of that now.

“Because, at the end of the day, we have a body of work that we’re super proud of. It would have been nice to have a season 6 but life doesn’t always work that way.”

He concluded by again thanking the fans, adding, “You haven’t seen the last of me — I’ll be around.”

Lee’s co-star Simu Liu appeared on KiSS 92.5’s “The Roz & Mocha Show” to express his shock at the cancellation. “It’s a highly unusual situation because you usually have a network that decides, ‘Hey, we’ve supported this show for X number of years and the viewership just isn’t there anymore. It’s time to move on.’ That’s not what happened with our show,” he stated.

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“Our ratings have constantly been really good,” Liu explained. “Myself and some of the other cast were really shocked and hurt to hear the news.”