Kevin Bacon has many skills — but bikini waxing is not one of them.

Bacon’s wife Kyra Sedgwick dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” a couple of months ago. She accused Bacon of giving her a bikini wax so excruciatingly awful that she almost ended up in the hospital. Bacon corroborated his wife’s story on a Wednesday chat with Kimmel.

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“I’m one of those people that is cocky enough to think that I can probably do anything. You know what I mean? Especially because you’re an actor, you need to get a skill. You have to pretend you’re an astronaut or a fireman,” Bacon dished. “I thought, How hard could this be?

I can put stuff together from Ikea. This is not going to be that hard. You need to leave it to the trained professionals. Otherwise, it can get really, really, frighteningly dangerous,” he said. “She was a little bit mad at me, but you know what, it was okay. I gave it the old college try.”

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Sedgwick and the “Animal House” actor have been married since Sept. 4, 1988.