While premiering her film “Half Of A Yellow Son”; at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto today, Thandie Newton revealed to ET Canada that she is pregnant and expecting her third child. On the happy news, the actress tells us it is a blessing and can’t wait until her new miracle is born in March.

Meanwhile, earlier today Thandie joined Sangita Patel in our Festival Central Lounge where the actress talked about already being a mom to her two daughters age 8 and 13. She tries to make them feel powerful, “by feeling like that yourself. They look at you. You’re defining yourself in so many ways.”;

On making of the film “Half Of A Yellow Son”;: “I read the book years ago, it’s Gone With The Wind in Nigeria… it’s based on truth. It’s phenomenal this terrible war that occurred in the ’60s in Nigeria. I was in love with the book.”;

She describes the character she plays as “the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever played. She’s a woman I aspire to be… she’s not Oprah, she is a regular woman who does extraordinary things.”;

And the big screen star says she is happy this film represents “the African experience… too often Africa is represented as the other in the mainstream and the mainstream is small.”;