The “American Idol” judges are getting a taste of some unique talent.

In a preview of Sunday’s episode, singer-songwriter Wyatt Pike goes in front of the judges for an emotional audition, performing an original song.

As he explains in the pre-roll, Pike wrote the song “Better For You” for his sister, who went through a trying period of mental health issues.

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“The song is also a personal song for me,” he told in an interview. “It’s about my sister, who I love very much.

“Playing covers is great, because I can change them up and do my own thing with them, but performing a song of my own was more exciting for me. I wanted to go in with something that I had written so I could really show as much of myself as possible. Hopefully, it showed the judges that I can write and tell stories.”

Talking about the audition, Pike said, “I auditioned like I was playing a gig at Fuego, or Black Diamond Lodge, because those places feel like home and I’ve played at those places so much. I played as if my parents were sitting at one of those tables, and my neighbours were at another.”

Wyatt Pike
Wyatt Pike. Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard

Reacting to his performance, Luke Bryan says, “I want more! You are the exact spitting image of my high school bass player, Jeff Taylor. I’m talking about, hilariously, exactly.”

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The judge adds, “I think you’re totally cool, totally unique, totally in your own world and in your own lane, playing your guitar in your style, in your movements. Get comfortable with getting forced outside some of that, but I think at the nucleus of all this is some pretty, interesting, artistic magic happening.”

Katy Perry, meanwhile, compares Pike’s performance to pottery, noting that his nerves may have had him going faster than the “pot” needed.

“But these are technical things, on top of the immense talent you have,” she continues.

“You are a Park City James Taylor,” Lionel Richie adds.

After some quick mulling over, all three judges grant Pike big yeses.