People are a little too excited about Seth Rogen’s weed.

On Thursday, the Canadian actor launched his Houseplant marijuana brand in the U.S., but very quickly hit a snag.

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Soon after the Houseplant website went live, fans and weed connoisseurs alike flooded the site, only to end up in a virtual waiting room as product quickly began to sell-out.

A good problem to have for a new company, but things got even more serious when the site began crashing due to the overwhelming demand, forcing Rogen and his team to take the site offline.

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Rogen assured followers on Twitter that there is “still a lot of products available,” promising to get the site live again soon.

In 2019, Rogen launched his Houseplant brand in Canada, announcing his expansion into the U.S. earlier this month. Along with strains of marijuana, Houseplant sells weed lifestyle products, including table lighters and more.