At the Canadian Film Centre’s Annual BBQ on Sunday, Emily Hampshire and Denis Theriault remembered their late co-star, Cory Monteith, telling ET Canada it is bittersweet to premiere All The Wrong Reasons without him at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Denis says the film, making its debut at TIFF tonight, will show a completely different side of Cory and he’s excited for people to see it. “Most of my scenes were with Cory and he brought his A-game,”; he says, adding the late actor was a mentor to him, making a point to take him aside to rehearse their lines together. “So whenever I was in a scene with him, he just made my job that much easier, because he just brought it, he was awesome.”;

Denis Theriault at the Canadian Film Centre’s Annual BBQ.

“We have a great platform at TIFF to show the film and show how great Cory was… he was a kind, generous person and so talented,”; he reveals.

Meanwhile, Emily reveals it is “an honour to be at TIFF and I think this is what… Cory would’ve wanted, to show the film here and I think he really does a fantastic job in the movie… it’s a great way to remember him by.”;

The actress also says how important the Canadian Film Centre is to launching a new generation of stars and, not to mention, “it throws a great party!”; All The Wrong Reasons also stars Kevin Zegers, who was unable to make it to TIFF due to other commitments.

ET Canada also caught up with the legendary Gordon Pinsent, who not only reveals he’s never missed one CFC BBQ in its 25 years, he gives details on the making of his new film, The Grand Seduction, screening tonight at TIFF.

Watch the video here for more from Emily, Denis and Gordon!