On the latest edition of her “This Is Paris” podcast, Paris Hilton addresses what is arguably the most iconic paparazzi photo of her.

In that 2006 photo, the “Simple Life” star was snapped as she, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan all enter the same car.

While it may have appeared as if all three were best buds, Hilton reveals that wasn’t necessarily the case.

As she says in the podcast, she and Spears had been out partying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and were leaving together when “…all of a sudden she [Lohan] was in my car and we weren’t getting along, but I was polite.”

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Meanwhile, the assembled paparazzi was losing their collective minds trying to capture the three of them together in a single photo.

According to Hilton, “people were literally falling on top of the car just to get the shot…”

Hilariously enough, in 2019 Hilton recreated the shot, joined in a car by Spears and, oddly enough, the Queen of England (as a commenter to the tweet pointed out, that’s not actually Spears but a drag queen impersonator).

Check out video of Hilton, Spears and Lohan entering the car, accompanied with audio courtesy of a scene in Lohan’s “Mean Girls”.