Loni Anderson paid a virtual visit to “Watch What Happens Live”, where a viewer’s question asked her to address an urban legend involving Princess Diana.

The viewer asked the “WKRP in Cincinnati” star whether it was true that the then-Princess of Wales sent Anderson’s ex-husband, screen idol Burt Reynolds, a note thanking him for keeping her out of the tabloids temporarily when their divorce monopolized headlines.

“Yes, that’s true,” confirmed Anderson, whose 1993 split from the “Smokey and the Bandit” star led to one of Hollywood’s uglier divorces.

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“No way!” gushed host Andy Cohen, who then asked her to confirm another rumour: She once maxed out Reynolds’ Amex card, with a $45,000 limit, in 90 minutes (one of many claims that Reynolds had made during their divorce).

“No, I never had an Amex from Burt,” she replied. “I only had my own, so no, that would be completely false.”

In another “WWHL” segment, Cohen asked Anderson to “spill the Hollywood indust-tea,” from “gay to Z,” by asking questions about her experiences as an actress.

First up, Cohen asked her to name the actress who was her “biggest competition” when she would audition for roles. Anderson, however, couldn’t single out just one.

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“There was like a stable of us,” she said. “I would always see Marilu Henner, Joanna Kerns, Suzanne Somers…”

Cohen also wanted to know about her experience working with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Jayne Mansfield Story”, the 1980 made-for-TV biopic in which Anderson played the Hollywood bombshell and Schwarzenegger, in one of his earliest acting roles, played Mansfield’s husband, bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay.

Cohen wanted to know if it was true that Arnold was so into a love scene that “he kept kissing you even after the director yelled cut,” and asked Anderson to rate the “Terminator” star’s kissing skills.

“You know, Arnold had never acted before, so he really went for realism,” responded Anderson, admitting “it was a pretty amazing kiss. I think I called cut… it was getting pretty intimate… but he’s a good kisser.”

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