Hailey Bieber discussed her marriage to Justin Bieber, her new YouTube channel and more in a new interview with Variety.

The model, who tied the knot with her husband Justin in 2018, is asked about the Britney Spears documentary “Framing Britney Spears” during the chat.

She shared, “I haven’t seen the Britney documentary yet. And I love Britney Spears. She was the first concert I ever went to. I idolized her as a kid. And I feel so bad. I feel sad for her that this is what was done to her, and it makes me upset for her.

“For her, it was on a whole different level, but I can only speak of what I’ve been through personally myself… when we [she and Justin Bieber] first got back together, when we first got married, there were a lot of narratives going around. There were a lot of people creating all these things that were just so not real and just not true. And I’m the type of person where I really care about the truth behind something.”

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When asked how she dealt with that, Bieber shared: “I had to basically go through the process of letting go, of trying to set the story straight because it’s just never going to stop, essentially. I fight for the people that I love and I care about the people in my life, and when I feel like a story is being twisted or is not true, I cared to set it straight. And I had to kind of just get over that.

“If there are times where it makes sense to put something to rest or to correct a rumour, then I will in a very casual way. But I’m just so done fighting with people on social media or fighting against the media because it’s just never going to stop. It’s this giant machine that is never, ever going to end.”

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The star added of launching her new YouTube channel, “Who’s in My Bathroom?”, which will feature videos of herself having chats with friends in the bathroom, “This is a space where I get to talk about whatever I want — what’s important to me, my life, my friends, my relationship. And it’s coming straight from my mouth, so nobody can twist that.”

She then said when asked if there was anything she wouldn’t want to necessarily tell the world: “I don’t know if there’s anything I think I need to hide, but like you said, there are things that in my relationship or in my relationship with my family, I don’t care to reveal everything. You have to be able to have some things for yourself. For me, there’s a balance in this world and in this industry of fighting for your privacy, and moments feel that much sweeter because they got to happen behind closed doors.”

Bieber said of whether it’s a tough balance to strike while living a very public life: “You can’t drive yourself crazy trying to hide either because I think when we first got married, especially, there was a big part of me that was trying so hard to keep everything private and hidden — let’s leave through this back door and go under a tunnel — and it just gets really exhausting sometimes.

“There’s a certain point where you have to accept what your life is and you have to accept the fact that it is very public and then just find what works for you and find the happy medium. I don’t want to feel like everything has to be underground situations and back doors because it’s too much.”

Bieber also credited her other half for helping her “figure out” the showbiz world and the attention that comes with it.

“He’s like, at a certain point, you have to kind of just accept, ‘Okay, when we walk out the front door, this is what’s going to be the situation, but then let’s find places and things that we can have for just us, like our home. And let’s make sure that wherever we settle down here, it’s going to be private, and that can be our getaway and that can be our escape,'” she told the publication. “And so, I think it’s just about balance, and I think it’s about finding what works for you as a person and for you as a couple.”