Selena Gomez is ready for a new chapter in her career after releasing her very first Spanish EP. 

The 28-year-old took to Instagram to celebrate after “Revelación” dropped on Friday.

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“A lot of my fan base is Latin, and I’ve been telling them this album was going to happen for years. But the fact that it’s coming out during this specific time is really cool,” explained the former Disney Channel star during an interview with Vogue.

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“The project is really an homage to my heritage,” she added before declaring that “It’s a Sasha Fierce moment, for sure.”

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Gomez discussed the challenges that came with recording the EP. 

“There’s a lot of slang that I needed to learn,” she said. “Spanish changes generationally as well as [geographically]. Sometimes I was like, ‘Wait! Hang on! I need to understand!'”

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Gomez continued, “There would be moments where I would end the [recording] session because I would get so frustrated. Not just trying to create an album from my basement … but making it sound authentic. That’s something that requires meticulous care. But now, I think I actually sound better in Spanish than I do in English.”

The Billboard Award winner also took to Instagram to thank the people who made the album happen.