Colin Jamieson is the latest aspiring singer to perform in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie in hopes of becoming the next winner of “American Idol”.

For his audition, the 22-year-old Massachusetts resident accompanied himself on piano for a performance of Billie Eilish’s “Six Feet Under”.

After Jamieson concluded, Bryan asked how he thought he did.

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“I could tell, my falsetto, it wasn’t where I wanted to be with it,” Jamieson admitted, telling the judges that it “usually just glides right out…”

Bryan complimented his “great voice,” but couldn’t help but point out “all of the breaths,” causing Perry to pipe in: “A lot of breaths!”

However, Bryan added that “when you got to the chorus, you were singing some pretty good stuff.”

In her critique, Perry gave him an example of how to change his breathing while singing. “If you do that,” she said, “I think you’ve really got something to work with.”

“I think you’ve got something in your voice and you’ve got some qualities to present to us,” said Richie. “And I want to discover all the rest of these qualities, because it’s a yes from me.”

ABC/John Fleenor
ABC/John Fleenor

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Jamieson’s eyes lit up. “Thank you!” he gushed.

After hearing yes from Perry and Richie, the three judges told him, in unison, “You’re going to Hollywood!”

Speaking with his hometown newspaper, the Lynn Journal, Jamieson recalled the experience of auditioning for the three judges.

“It’s crazy — you hear about them growing up and then you see the judges on the stage and they’re these huge figures and all of sudden, it all comes into reality,” he said. “My feeling was, ‘I’ve put in so much work by myself at this house in Boxford in my basement studio and to be there in front of the judges, I had nothing but a big smile on my face.’ The thought I had in my head was, ‘I can’t wait to show you guys what I can do.'”

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