Hailey Baldwin made a virtual appearance on Friday’s edition of “The Tonight Show” to promote her new YouTube channel.

“Part of why I wanted to do this is they can’t twist what I’m trying to say from YouTube — it’s coming straight from my mouth. And I think that’s something that I battled with a lot is people trying to twist my words or the media taking something that I’ve said or creating their own narratives,” she explained.

“If I control it that means that nobody can try to turn it into something else,” she added. “You’re hearing it straight from me. I can clear up whatever I want to and that gives me a lot of freedom in a way.”

As host Jimmy Fallon pointed out, she and husband Justin Bieber have spent roughly half their marriage so far cooped up in quarantine.

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“Yeah, that’s exactly what it is,” she agreed, and detailed some of the couple’s stay-at-home activities.

“There’s a lot of gaming going on,” she revealed.

“Justin’s a very competitive person, just in general,” she said. “I guess I’m pretty competitive too. But the biggest thing that was going on in our house was a lot of UNO, a lot of Bannagrams… I would like to say that I think that I’m the UNO champion. But that’s like self-proclaimed, so whatever.”

They’ve also been playing chess. “Justin’s really good at chess, and he has played chess since he was a kid,” she said, explaining “this was pre-‘Queen’s Gambit’, by the way.”

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According to Bieber, her husband has been teaching her to play chess. “So far I haven’t been able to beat him,” she admitted.

In another part of the show, Bieber participated in a round of “True Confessions” with fellow virtual guest Nick Offerman.