Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion didn’t hold back for their saucy joint-Grammys performance of their No. 1 smash hit single “WAP”.

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Megan first took to the stage solo to perform a medley of “Body” and “Savage”.

Unfortunately for fans, the 26-year-old star wasn’t joined on stage by Beyonce, despite the “Savage Remix” collaborator being present at the ceremony.

Megan and Cardi donned futuristic-style bodysuits for their duet, which included plenty of twerking and pole dancing.

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As Cardi danced around the stage, the camera cut to Post Malone, who was cheering from the sidelines with a red Solo cup in hand.

The “Sunflower” rapper’s reaction entertained viewers almost as much as the performance itself.

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“Post Malone vibing to WAP on the side of the Grammy’s stage with a red solo cup is a MOOD,” one viewer tweeted.