Kyle Chandler says he knows he’s sexy at every age.

The Emmy Award-winning actor made an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” via video chat from Wyoming on Monday. Chandler also spoke about making it into the most recent People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue in the “Sexy at Every Age” section.

“I can’t wait to call George Clooney up and tell him. He’s been sexiest man alive twice. Here I am, I’m catching up,” he teased.

The “Wolf of Wall Street” actor also spoke about his current road trip with his wife Kathryn in an Airstream to deliver a skateboard and guitar to his daughter in college. He revealed he and Kathryn fell in love while travelling on a motorcycle along the West Coast.

“It’s sort of like me being cheap and this is our second honeymoon. Anything to save a penny,” Chandler quipped.

To which DeGeneres replied, “You’re not just sexy, you’re smart.”

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The actor also shared how his family and animals were affected by the recent winter storm in Texas.

“I wasn’t home, I’ve been away for about a month and a half in Toronto. I went through my first quarantine which was interesting. I was shooting a film and that happened in the midst of that. Katherine was home with the animals and then the neighbours moved in with their animals and they lost electricity for about 36 hours.”

He continued, “I felt horrible being away. The strain on me was pretty intense, I had to manage to rustle up room service,” Chandler joked.
The Emmy Award winner also revealed what to expect when Godzilla and King Kong meet in his new movie, “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

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“I’ve dealt with this King Kong before because I was in the original King Kong with Peter Jackson, so this is my second time around with him and second time around with Godzilla. I’m not going to pick favourites on this but I do want to say that Godzilla has got some very special attributes that normal primates don’t,” he joked.

“King Kong has got an opposable thumb and none of us would be anything without that. So it’s gonna be a battle galore.”

“Godzilla vs. Kong” premieres in Canada on March 26 in theatres.