Demi Lovato just released her first album since 2017.

Along with the album, the music video for the title track dropped.

Ahead of the premiere, Lovato joined fans on “Released” where she spoke about the album.

“This album represents me in a way none of my albums have,” she said. “It best represents me who I am as a human.”

Lovato said the song “Good Place” “resonates” that most with her, “there is no more faking it until I make it.”

In mid-March, the 28-year-old singer revealed that Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over would arrive on April 2.

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Announcing the news during a Clubhouse conversation, Lovato explained that the title is a nod to her documentary.

“If you listen to it track by track, if you follow the track listing, it’s kind of actually like the non-official soundtrack to the documentary. Because it really does follow my life over the past couple of years,” she said.

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“When we went through the track listing and kind of mapped out how it kind of coincided with my life’s story, it made sense to add the more emotional stuff in the beginning and then transition into ‘The Art of Starting Over’.”

The former Disney Channel star told fans that the record will feature a mix of genres, including ’90s pop, country and R&B.

Lovato’s docu-series, “Dancing with the Devil” was the opening night headliner at the SXSW Film Festival on March 16, before becoming available to watch on YouTube from March 23.

The four-part show will give fans an intimate look at her life and career, as well as the struggles she has faced along the way.

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YouTube describes the series as “an honest look back at some of the most trying times in Lovato’s life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health.”

Lovato has been open about her struggles with addiction, singing about them on her 2018 single “Sober”.