Jimmy Fallon and Alexa were not prepared for the firestorm that is John Oliver.

Oliver dropped by Monday’s episode of “The Tonight Show” to play a game of “Hey Robot”. Fans of the old 20 Questions-style web browser game Akinator will be familiar with the process.

Fallon and Oliver were tasked with asking Alexa questions with the goal of having it respond with the desired keyword.

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The “Last Week Tonight” host tried to guide Alexa to the word “Liverpool” but he made a crucial error when asking about “the greatest football team” without distinguishing between traditional football and American.

A fuming Oliver then turned the tables on Alexa.

“Oh, in which case, I’ve got another one,” he teased. “Alexa, how bad are Amazon working conditions?”

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Fallon tried to interrupt by yelling, “Alexa, stop!” but Oliver was having none of it.

“Oh no, Alexa,” he insisted. “No, Alexa! Alexa, what is union-busting?”

Fallon seemed to regain control until Oliver leaned into the mic just as the show was going to commercial: “I don’t like you, Alexa. I think you’re a net negative for humanity.”