There’s nothing quite like a classic voice.

On Monday’s Blind Auditions episode of “The Voice”  singer Zania Alaké performed a cover of Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love”.

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Within seconds of hearing Zania’s incredible voice, John Legend hit his button and turned his chair around to groove out to the performance.

Near the end of the song, Kelly Clarkson turned her chair, too, setting up a small battle between the two judges.

“My mother would put on kitchen concerts,” Alaké told the show. “My mom is an inspiration to me. Even after I had my kids, she’s always there for me. She’s always been encouraging no matter what. That’s helped me become a better person and a better artist.”

Legend told her, “Detroit is such a rich musical tradition and it’s given the world so much great music. We’re always lucky when we get Detroit singers here on “The Voice”.

Zania Alaké. Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC
Zania Alaké. Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC

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Clarkson added, “Your voice is so classic and timeless and filled with so much tone and butter and beauty. I would love to work with you.”

Talking about Alaké’s choice of song, Legend remarked, “I grew up on Anita Baker and just love her dearly. I just wanted to wait through a few lines to make sure I knew that you had what it takes to sing an Anita Baker song and do it justice and my God, for you to be able to pull that off so effortlessly was just magical.”

In the end, Alaké decided to join Team Legend.