Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky showed off her intense workout routine on Monday via Instagram. In the video, Pataky pushes weights across the gym like nobody’s business. Hemsworth, also present in the video, looks on in disbelief as his wife blitzes across the room.

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“Get out of my way Thor!!” Pataky captions the post.

Pataky is no stranger to fitness, publishing books like Strong: How to Eat, Move and Live with Strength and Vitality.

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“I was in awe of the fit, athletic body and my whole life became about exercise,” she shared in an August 2020 interview with Australia’s Body + Soul. “I’ve never stopped since I was 14. I just fell in love with being healthy and fit.”

“[Chris and I] love to do sports, eat healthy, and move our bodies,” Elsa gushed. “We’ve got the kids into surfing. Any hobbies to get them outside, and not on social media and computers. My daughter has been horse-riding with me since she was two-and-a-half.”