Ashley Benson discusses being hounded by the paparazzi in a new interview with Paris Hilton for the “This is Paris” podcast.

Benson, who has dated Cara Delevingne and G-Eazy and has subsequently garnered media attention over the years, shares of fame: “That’s the one reason why I hate being in this industry, because you get unwanted attention.

“It’s funny because when people see you in photos, living a normal life, being outside a restaurant or whatever, ‘Oh, they called the paparazzi ’cause they want to be photographed.’ It’s like, ‘Dude, I’m actually one of the ones who does not, will never’… I always look horrible in these photos.”

The “Pretty Little Liars” star continues, “Some people do like that stuff. It’s just, I love to keep my life private, and I think it’s such an invasion of privacy.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know why they follow me every day here, but I can’t leave my house without getting photographed. It almost causes car wrecks. They go through stoplights and all this stuff, they scream horrible stuff at you, and they just bother you to get a reaction.”

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Benson goes on, “It gives me so much anxiety. There’s times where I just don’t even want to leave my house or feel like I can go on a hike, or do whatever because, for whatever reason, they just follow me and want to take my photo.

“There’s so many more famous people that have better stories to tell than me. I’m so not someone you need to be following because it’s just boring.”

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When asked if the attention ever affects whom she dates, Benson insists, “Whoever I fall for I fall for.”

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