Soleil Moon Frye is reflecting on her intimacy with Charlie Sheen.

Frye reads her old journal in the new documentary film “kid 90”. The former child actress reflects on her “first consensual sexual experience” with future “Two and a Half Men” star Sheen.

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“It’s been the most strange and incredible day ever,” she reads in the doc. “He’s somebody I’ve had a crush on for years. He’s a person that intrigues me and excites me.”

“He was really kind to me, and I can only speak to my experience and my story with him,” Frye told USA TODAY. “In opening the diaries and reading back the diary entries, it was very sweet and he had been really kind to me and treated me really beautifully. And for all these years afterwards, in some of the most pivotal moments in my life, has checked in and (lent) his support.”

Sheen was asked for a statement following the documentary’s release.

“She’s a good egg,” Sheen, 55, told Us Weekly on Monday via his longtime publicist. “I wish Soleil well in this resurgence of hers.”

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Although Sheen has yet to watch the film, which premiered on March 12, he plans to very soon.

“It’s on my list to watch and very near the top,” Sheen assured.