Demi Lovato is the focus of the upcoming four-part YouTube documentary “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil”, which made its debut on Tuesday at the virtual SXSW.

A review of the candid doc in the New York Times points to some new revelations that may prove shocking to fans.

“’Dancing With the Devil’ is filled with fresh admissions that betray previous obfuscations,” writes the Times’ Caryn Ganz, who notes that Lovato’s highly publicized drug overdose “came after six years of sobriety, during which Lovato felt increasingly hemmed in by the measures her longtime managers took to help her stay on track.”

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That overdose, in fact, was far more serious than what was reported in the media, resulting in “three strokes, a heart attack, and organ failure,” in addition to “pneumonia from asphyxiating on her vomit.”

Those strokes left her with brain damage and lingering problems with her vision, something she opened up about during her recent appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour.

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The Times also describes an even more horrific aspect of Lovato’s overdose that hadn’t previously been revealed.

“The drug dealer who brought her heroin that night sexually assaulted her, then left her close to death,” Ganz writes.

“Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil” premieres on March 23.