Benedict Cumberbatch refused to give anything Marvel-related away as he chatted with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”.

The actor, who plays Doctor Strange in the “Avengers” films, was asked about whether or not he appeared in the “WandaVision” finale that aired earlier this month.

Fallon began, “I’m not going to tell anyone at home if that did or did not happen, but if it did not happen, was there a possibility that…” before joking: “We’re not even allowed to talk about anything anymore.”

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“No, no, this has already gotten weird,” Cumberbatch responded, before referencing his co-star Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, and his inability to keep secrets about the Marvel franchise.

Cumberbatch quipped, “I can feel the Tom Holland in me coming out,” as Fallon added: “He’s the champ.”

The actor went on, “If… if it didn’t happen. Then, I’m sorry about that. If it did, hell, what a lot to look forward to. But if it didn’t, um, I don’t know why.”

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The pair gushed over Elizabeth Olsen, who stars in “WandaVision” as Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch.

The actress will star in the upcoming film “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”.

Cumberbatch told Fallon, “She’s amazing. She’s on our show. It’s a very exciting next step for Wanda, as I think she’s already said on your show.”

He then whispered he couldn’t say anything else because there were “microphones everywhere.”

“I’m not safe here, I’m more safe in your studio than I am here,” Cumberbatch laughed.

During Cumberbatch’s appearance on the show, he and Fallon also put their movie knowledge to the test by taking turns working their way through a conversation about their favourite films in alphabetical order.