Indya Moore is teaming up with Tommy Hilfiger for a special re-edition of V129.

“I think every queer person goes through a time in their life where they’re at a crossroads of understanding queerness through a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ kind of binary,” Moore tells V Magazine. “It’s like, ‘All right, is who I am wrong, or not? What is this? Because I’m getting so many messages.’ It’s all very confusing.”

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“I know how I feel, but the world seems to continue to create messages that it’s wrong for me to exist in the way that I do and feel the way that I do,” Moore adds. “I think when I came to my crossroads, I realized how stupid it was that we live in a world that just so heavily criminalizes queerness.”

Moore made it a priority to incorporate diversity into her Hilfiger collaboration.

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Indya Moore
Indya Moore. Photo: V Magazine/Adrienne Raquel

“I made sure that my involvement in Tommy was as inclusive as possible, in every way that it could be,” Moore says. “I made sure that the team was right, also making sure they’re hiring our folks behind [the scenes] and in front.”

“I made sure that this is a project that is a continuum of something they’re actually working on,” Moore asserts. “Not just a moment.”