Before he was “Golden Globe-winner Dan Levy”,  Dan Levy struggled to find his right path.

The Canadian actor sat down for a virtual Q&A session with Pitt Program Council and moderator Quincey Johnston and opened up about feeling insecure in his career path, especially as Eugene Levy’s son.

“By the time I left high school, I knew I wanted to be an actor, but I didn’t audition for theatre school because I was too scared,” the 37-year-old star explained. “That was a direct result of never feeling totally confident in myself in high school, because it’s a toxic environment where you have bullying.”

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So instead, he chose the film production program at York and Ryerson University in Toronto.

“I ended up going along with it with this nagging feeling that I wasn’t on a clear path for myself,” he recalled. “I never quite fit in with the film school kids and would always look at the theatre kids with a lot of jealousy and regret.”

Soon he was offered a hosting gig on “MTV Live” and explains that he dropped out of the university for the opportunity, “It was a very hard decision for me, but I think because I was in a creative field and I had the opportunity to apply my skills in a very practical way, it felt like the right move to make.”

The actor continued to host the program until he was 28-years-old and then left MTV to write “Schitt’s Creek”.

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“One day, I just sat down and started writing this idea for a TV show about a wealthy family that lost their money. I called my dad, who I had never turned to for help throughout my entire life because the concept of nepotism was my biggest fear,” he recalled. “I think sometimes we put a lot of expectations on ourselves to know exactly what we want to do in life, but it doesn’t work like that. You will inevitably find your path, and it wasn’t until I got into that position that I realized, ‘Oh, this is the job for me.'”

“Schitt’s Creek” aired for six seasons between 2017 and 2020.

The series swept the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards and did well at the 2021 Golden Globes as well. It took home a Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy and Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for star Catherine O’Hara at the 2021 awards ceremony.

Dan, Eugene and their co-star Annie Murphy were also nominated for acting Golden Globes.