Amanza Smith’s ex-husband, former NFL player Ralph Brown, has been missing since 2019 (the couple divorced in 2012), and on Wednesday she took to social media to admit that, after all these years, it’s taken a toll on her.

“So I don’t even know @lelepons but I saw her post today and I was inspired,” wrote the “Selling Sunset” star of an Instagram post from the popular YouTuber.

“It’s ok not to be ok,” she continued. “Many people are afraid to be open about mental health. You all see me very strong and I appreciate so much the support I have gotten thru fans and friends for the way I carry myself thru this difficult new journey as a full time working single mom. I also want to honest and not pretend I’m always at the top of my game with it all.”

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Her post was accompanied by a photo of herself looking sad and distraught.

“This was me last night at 4am when I couldn’t sleep because so much was on my mind,” she wrote. “Hang in there everyone. You are not alone.”

Smith was referencing a post that Pons had issued a few days earlier.

Mental health is extremely important! It is okay not to be happy all the time. It is okay to show your vulnerable side too! You are not alone !!!! We all have our low days and up days!” she wrote, adding, “However, it is crucial to take care of your mental health and get help. Today I’m taking a break to do so. Love you guys and will be back soon ❤️”