Emmy Award-winning journalist Katie Couric chats with Ellen DeGeneres about guest-hosting “Jeopardy!”, her love of hummingbirds, and more on Thursday’s show.

Couric reveals how she felt being the first woman to guest-host the game show, telling DeGeneres: “I think they were looking for people to just really carry on [Alex Trebek’s] legacy and to try and fill in while they find a permanent replacement.

“They were so generous and nice they matched what the winners won and made a huge donation to Stand Up to Cancer, which I founded with some other women.

“It was incredibly meaningful for me to have that opportunity. Really fun and very nerve-racking, I was totally pitted out, Ellen. It was stressful.”

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Katie Couric DM’d Spencer Pratt And Asked If She Could See His Hummingbirds:

The star also discusses messaging Spencer Pratt to visit the hummingbirds that flock outside his and Heidi Montag’s home.

Couric shares, “I DMed him on Instagram and said ‘Hi Spencer Pratt, can I come over to see your hummingbirds?’ and he said ‘Sure, Katie Couric come on over!’

“I went over to their house and they have millions of hummingbirds on their terrace, he makes the nectar every day with sugar and water. It was insane.”

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Plus, since Couric is releasing a memoir later this year, DeGeneres challenges her to a trivia game about her own life and raises $10,000 for her organization, Stand Up to Cancer, thanks to Shutterfly.

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